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How Website Monitoring Saved Bob’s Business


Bob Tellarico is a famous businessman who has been running an online business since 1999. His company sells cars and automotive details throughout the world. Bob started his business, when people only began to realize that Internet is a fantastic place to make deals and sell goods. Now Bob’s business includes 7 storehouses and a very popular website.

Last year Bob started noticing that his website behaves in a strange way. Many pages were very slow to load, while other refused to show up at all. Bob’s clients called with complaints about the website and Bob understood that it was high time to start thinking about web site performance. Meanwhile the situation got worse. One day Bob came to the conclusion that he started losing his market share. It was the time to act. Bob hired costly consultants, but they couldn’t find out why Bob’s website wasn’t working as well as it used to 2 years ago. And then Bob did the right thing — he signed up for website monitoring at one of the best web monitoring services providers. Just in 2 weeks Bob had reliable third-party provided data, that showed the bottlenecks of Bob’s server network infractructure. Bob forwarded the data to his consultants and they pointed out that the problem was caused by not the server itself, but the network router in the datacenter. Bob called his host, and his website was back running smoothly.

This taught Bob that a e-business owner shouldn’t wait till web server performance will degrade. Every webmaster should be signed up for server performance monitoring service and be the first person who finds out if any problems occur. Nowadays many companies offer website monitoring, don’t leave your server unprotected.

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